Location Statistics
 Capital Laxia
 Affiliation Altirk Treaty
Fantasia Union (Formerly, expelled)
 Lord Theo Cornaro
Phederico Rossini (Formerly)
First Appearance
 Anime Episode 13

Sistina is an island nation off the coast of the Atlatan continent.


Sistina was ruled by the Rossini family for several generation since the era of Jude Cornaro. However, over time the Rossini family became corrupt and rule the island with iron fist. They deliberately let the Demon run rampant so that the people cannot band together to revolt against them. By the time of Theo Cornaro, a large part of the island was controlled by the demon.

Notable People

  • Jude Cornaro - A Hero that unified and liberated Sistina from the Demon in the past
  • Theo Cornaro - A commoner that took up the Cornaro surname, the Hero that liberate Sistina from the Rossini family rule and the current Lord of Sistina
  • Rebecca - A commoner and Theo's childhood friend
  • Phederico Rossini - Lord of Sistina (Formerly) and the Head of the Rossini Family
  • Salvador Rossini - Deceased son of Phederico Rossini
  • Dorni Rossini - Deceased son of Phederico Rosini
  • Juzel Rossini - The only remaining son of Phederico Rossini who swore allegiance to Theo Cornaro in order to make Sistina as peaceful as it was in the past.

Locations within Sistina


Fantasy Counter Part Culture - In the Atlatan map (which is totally not based on Europe), Sistina is based on Italy (Sicily to be specific).